Introducing PRO-I TM… the advanced alternative for Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

The Prospera™ PRO-I™ combines state-of-the-art technology with proven Negative Pressure Wound Therapy protocols to deliver ease of use, advanced patient comfort and cost effective outcomes.

Features and Benefits

  • Battery operation for portable use
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • User friendly, simple controls
  • Durable, lightweight and portable with an easy grip handle
  • Optional canister placements (up to 4)
  • LED status indicator and audible safety and overflow alarms
  • NPWT dressing technique based on the teachings of Drs. Mark Chariker and Katherine Jeter
  • Provides cost effective wound treatment outcomes
  • Clinical support from a dedicated team of experts

Prospera offers a complete line of disposable wound dressing kits, collection canisters, and an assortment of silicone drains.  CMS has approved Prospera’s PRO-I Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System for Medicare Part B reimbursement.




When used for wound healing, the PRO-I is contraindicated in the presence of:

  • Necrotic tissue
  • Unexplored or non-enteric fistulas
  • Untreated osteomyelitis
  • Wounds containing malignant tissue
  • Exposed arteries, veins, or organs


Precautions should be taken in the presence of:

  • Anticoagulation or active bleeding
  • Difficult wound hemostasis
  • Close proximity of blood vessels, organs, muscle, and fascia requiring adequate protection
  • Irradiated vessels and tissue
  • Bony fragments
  • Untreated malnutrition
  • Non-compliant resident

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