APS Billing Services

As part of our commitment to the Enteral Nutrition Program for Long Term Care residents, Ancillary Providers Services (APS) offers billing services to help with the facilitation of this program.  The billing services for the enteral program include Enteral Coordinators, preparing documentation for claims, reimbursement for services, claims review and reporting.  Please review the details of these services below and contact us if you have questions or would like to discuss these services in more detail.  Please click here to find contact information.

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Enteral Coordinators

Coordinators routinely call upon facilities.  The Coordinator is responsible for assisting the facility in ordering new product, collecting the documentation needed for new patient set-ups, order changes, and the paperwork required for billing.  The Coordinator will conduct an exit interview with the facility’s Administrator and or Director of Nursing (DON) and works closely with the central supply staff.

Documentation Processing

Proper documentation is very important in processing claims for speedy and complete reimbursement. Our Coordinators will make certain that we have obtained the necessary authorizations and supporting medical documentation required by Medicare. These include obtaining Authorizations of Benefits, Certificates of Medical Necessity (CMNs), and confirmation of physician’s orders.

Claims Reimbursement

Our seasoned Billing Specialists are responsible for submitting all claims to the appropriate primary and secondary payer sources.  This includes Medicare and all other primary insurance carriers, Medicaid and all other secondary insurance carriers, and billing the responsible party when appropriate.  Your claims are submitted electronically insuring quicker reimbursements to you.

Claims Review-Compliance

All claims will be carefully reviewed for maximum return based on complete, accurate and compliant documentation. If denied we will always appeal the claim.

Reporting and Reconciliation

We provide complete posting and reconciliation of client reimbursement from all payer sources. Reports are provided on a regular basis and can be customized to suit the clients’ needs. Here are some standard examples:  Invoice and Census Report, Cash Receipts Summary, Claims Summary by Facility, A/R Transaction Summaries, and Aging Reports.

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Ben Mandelbaum - President