Enteral Nutrition Program Outline

Ancillary Providers Services (APS) offers a state-of-the-art Enteral Nutrition Program developed with the unique needs of the Long Term Care resident in mind. We maintain a diversified inventory of enteral formulas, pumps, and supplies. Experienced Registered Dietitians are available to make recommendations for your enteral residents to enhance your current Quality Improvement (QI) Programs and are a valuable “extra set of eyes” for your facility.  Enteral Coordinators assure accurate collection of necessary billing documentation and facilitates the orders for enteral supplies and formula.  Additionally our trained couriers deliver, stock, and rotate your inventory of supplies. We provide quality products as well as clinical resources, including Registered Dietitians, experienced Wound Care Clinicians and education / in-services.

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Our Enteral Nutrition Program is Collaborative

When you partner with APS, you get more than just a supplier. You gain a full team of experts who actively collaborate with you in providing quality enteral nutrition to your Long Term Care residents. Your team includes experienced Registered Dietitians; Billing Specialists; Enteral Coordinators; and trained APS Delivery Technicians.

Broad Selection of Wholesome, Quality Products

We maintain a diverse inventory of enteral formulas, pumps, and supplies from leading manufacturers. Our Enteral Coordinators will assist your staff in ordering the proper supplies, and our trained Delivery Technicians will replenish and rotate your inventory.

Committed to providing excellent and innovative services to the Long Term Care industry and extended care settings.

Our staff is carefully chosen for their integrity and expertise in healthcare. Together we continually look for ways to help you increase the quality of life for each of your residents.
Ben Mandelbaum - President

Quality Improvement and Chart Review

To enhance your Quality Improvement Program, our Registered Dietitians can perform monthly, quarterly and Pre/Post Survey audits. Your Administrator and Director of Nurses receive a detailed written report at the end of each visit.

Our audits include:

  • Verification of M.D. orders
  • Review of ancillary orders and protocols
  • Infection control bedside enteral pump audit

Additional services available:

  • Resident weight monitoring
  • Evaluation of kcal, protein and fluid levels

Convenient In-Service Education

APS takes a preventative and comprehensive approach by offering in-services to your nursing staff. Customized topics may include general nutrition, enteral support, new products and industry changes.

  • Early identification of indicators via Quality Improvement Program

Our demanding standards are well above those set by any government agency and exceed any local competitor. We welcome the chance to meet with you and offer customized solutions for your clinical needs and cost-sensitive reimbursement issues. Please call us today at 1.800.725.8885

Quality Improvement and Chart Review

Our expert staff collects all necessary billing documentation and submits all claims to the proper payors. Our goal is to ensure maximum revenue return for your facility.

  • Obtain and confirm appropriate documentation for processing claims
  • Check documentation for accuracy
  • Claims review and compliance
  • Submit claims to appropriate payor sources, including Medicare, Medi-Cal and insurance carriers
  • Complete posting and reconciliation of client reimbursement
  • Appeal any denied claims for maximum return
  • Customized reports
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